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We have three Cub Packs at 3rd Reading. They are called Hounds, Wolves and Tigers.

Hounds meet on a Tuesday from 18:45 to 20:15

Wolves meet on a Thursday from 18:45 to 20:15

Tigers meet on a Saturday from 11:00 to 12:30

Cubs is for children who are aged 8 to 10.5

At present we have around 75 Cubs – that’s a lot of enthusiastic energy!

Our annual Cub camp is one of the highlights of the year – last year we had a great weekend. Here’s hoping for good weather this year. For those Cubs who have the bug for camping, they can take part in the annual Family camp, and the older Cubs can always steal an invite to the Scouts Winter camp.

Outside of camping it’s busy too – recently we’ve been cooking, had dance nights and hiked in the local area.

There’s always something going on for Cubs at the 3rd.

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