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Scouts Winter Camp 2014

Posted on December 26th, 2014 by Carl Gaskell
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This year’s Winter Camp took 45 of us to Downe Scout Activity Centre in Kent, where we all enjoyed a mixture of both on and off-site activities, in the bright, cold and crisp countryside.

Despite being quite short, it was a packed weekend, with Scouts taking part in a half day of Arial Trekking and Zip Wires, and a half day visit to the Scout Aviation Centre at Biggin Hill, looking at some of the old World War bunkers, getting up close and personal with some of the many aircraft onsite, and taking to the skies in the fabulous onsite SAC COMET 4 Flight Simulator. (Many thanks to the guys at Biggin Hill Scout Aviation Centre)

And of course to cap it all off, we had our Winter Camp Christmas Party with a full roast turkey dinner – and pudding, and an evening’s fun and games!

The following morning we packed up and left site, and traveled to Chislehurst, where we toured the vast underground Cave System by the light of old-fashioned oil lamps, before heading on back up the motorway to grab lunch and return home.


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Wc2014-sh-dsc_0183   Wc2014-sh-dsc_0215

Wc2014-sh-dsc_0182    Wc2014-sh-dsc_0177

Wc2014-sh-dsc_0168    Wc2014-sh-dsc_0166

Wc2014-sh-dsc_0199    Wc2014-sh-dsc_0201

Wc2014-sh-dsc_0202    Wc2014-sh-dsc_0211

Wc2014-sh-dsc_0214    Wc2014-sh-dsc_0197

Wc2014-sh-dsc_0196    Wc2014-sh-dsc_0218

Wc2014-sh-dsc_0239    Wc2014-sh-dsc_0221

Wc2014-sh-dsc_0219    Wc2014-sh-dsc_0216



There’s many more pictures on our Facebook page too – Parents, send us a request and we’ll grant you access!!


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