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12½ & Over Camp 2014

Posted on May 9th, 2014 by Carl Gaskell
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Each year around May/June time, the older Scouts get to go on a camp where we do something a little different. Last weekend was our 2014 trip, which this time took us to the Dorset coast, with the intention of going mackerel fishing on the high seas and cooking up a tasty meal with our hard-earned catches.

Alas, gale-force winds put paid Plan-A, and after a failure from Tescos to deliver our weekend food as well, we rapidly put Plan-B into action..

And so, with a hearty breakfast from a seaside cafe to start the day, and the sun slowly starting to shine, we all went crabbing (rather successfully!) off the coast of Swanage, followed by an 18-hole game of pitch and putt, and then over the chain-link ferry to go swimming at the fabulous water park, Splashdown, in Poole , before finally heading back to site and for a great evening BBQ.

After another overnight battering from the coastal winds, we again had to abandon plans for a cliff-top coastal ramble. But in true “Be Prepared” Scouting style, we switched again to Plan-B and all went for the day in Bournemouth, where we had a great walk along the beach, played on the funfair and in the Winter Gardens, and enjoyed some sightseeing in the local area, before crashing out in the minibus for the journey home.

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